Morning Musume ’16 62nd single

flaggb I finaaaaaaaally got my hands on my copy of Morning Musume ’16‘s 62nd single, Sexy cat no enzetsu / Mukidashi de mukiatte / Sou ja nai. We can say I’m very pleased! :3


First, the cover: it’s a bit boring (too many white covers lately…), but this was the best out of the three regular versions, imo. I like its style, tho and love my favourite cat girls in the center. :3 As for the trading card, I couldn’t be happier! ♥ I decided to collect all my favourite girls’ Sexy cat version trading cards, but I couldn’t even dreamt of getting Fukuchan first! I’m sooooo luckyyyyy~~~ (And a happy little wota! :D) About the postcard: it’s simple, but I kinda like it. Maybe it’s the best of the choices they had for different shops. I’m just sad they stopped giving posters as a bonus. 😦 Let’s move to the songs and MVs:

Sexy cat no enzetsu: To be honest, I didn’t like the song first. I even kinda cringed because of the cat moves in the MV. Then something happened and I came to LOVE it! Its MV is in my top 3 most watched Momusu MVs! I like how the three cat girls make a mess and involve the other girls in making a bigger mess! xD (But I dislike Miki’s hair sooo much! ToT She’s a beautiful girl, why give her always that unflattering side ponytail? T-T (I don’t like this hairstlye on anyone.)) The lyrics are also motivated me lately! 🙂 The highlight besides of the cat girls goes to Ayumi and Eripon, they’re both stunning in this video!
Mukidashi de mukiatte: This is my favourite song from this release, and my favourite MM’16 song next to Utakata Saturday Night! It’s just pure awesomeness to me, I like the simple, but well-edited MV (embed below), the dance, the outfits, Miki getting a massive solo line, etc. I’ll probably listen to it even years from now.
Sou ja nai: This is my least favourite from this single. At first, I didn’t like it AT ALL. Not even listened to it (only a few times), until I got my CD the other day and played it in my CD player. I think I won’t ever understand the hype over this song, but I certainly start to like it. Maybe I’ll listen to it more from now on. As for the MV: I like the girls’ outfits and hairstyle. The usual plain white dresses, but at least they look gorgeous in them. I don’t like the loooong opening scene (simply because I find it too long), and don’t really get the concept, but oh well. It’s catchy and the lyrics may be inspirational to teenage girls. I think it would have hit me when I was in those ages, but maybe I’m too old for it now. xD


Country Girls’ 4th single

flaggb Well, it’s been a while I’ve written here. I was busy with school in the one hand, and in the other hand, I didn’t got anything new to write about. Well, I got some things, but… ahh, it’s just bad time management. XD For now, I’d like to write about Country Girls’ 4 th single, Dou datte ii no/Namida no request.


This is what I got. I didn’t like Regular A’s cover (it’s the exact same as the postcard), but Regular B’s was kinda cute, so I decided to order that. And for a postcard, the Regular A pattern works pretty well, I like it very much! ^^ As for the trading card: I wanted a twintail Risachan sooo badly! T^T Or a Momochi. But well, Nanamin is also cute.
The songs:
Dou datte ii no: It’s not as awesome as Boogie Woogie LOVE (no song will surpass it), but I like it very-very much. It’s fun and makes me happy everytime I listen to it. Also a good song to wake up to (after the alarm clock, of course xD)! The MV (embed below) is also cute, I love this continuous retro vibe, Country Girls can pull off it well. My favourite part is at the bridge, when Momochi-senpai’s head is on the drum. XD And the dresses! Sooooo cute, omg! I want to cosplay as Risa! Also, the red shoes and buttons…. ;__; I’m certain it’s for Manakan, as the daisies were for Utachan. (If they’ll have any pink on their dresses after Momochi graduates, these theories will be pretty much confirmed.)
Namida no request: I’m sure everyone knows that it’s a cover song and I think it turned out well. I like how the older members (basically my favourites) get more spotlight. The song itself is good, but definitely not one of my favourites. The MV is creative and cute, I like these types of stuff! ^__^ Also thumbs up for Nanamin playing the sax! 🙂

Country Girls’ 3rd single

flaggb I’ve recently got Country Girls’ 3rd single, which I’ve already written about several times.

× collection 20160326

This is my copy of the CD, the trading photo and the bonus poster! I was hoping to get Risa, Manakan or Momochi, but in the end it wasn’t bad to get the group picture either. (It’s my first time to get a group picture as a single bonus.) But I still would have preferred a solo photo. XD (I’m collecting single bonus photos of my favourite members. As for Country Girls, I only got Risa so far, and even that photo was a gift from my friend. x’D I have no luck with CG cards. XD)
As for the poster, I’m very satisfied with it, though I thought it will be boring, when I saw the thumbnail. Oh, I was so wrong! The girls are really cute and it’s not plain white, they gave it some nice frame. Aaaahh, so cute~~~~
The cover of the CD is perfect. So cool, so retro, so awesome! And for the songs:
Boogie Woogie LOVE: I’ve written pretty much in this blog about it, so I’m just leaving one word here: AWESOMENESS. I still think this song will be my No.1 H!P song for 2016 (and it’s in my top 3 all time favourite H!P songs for sure). Link to the MV, because you must listen to it. :3
Koi wa magnet: Soooooo much Risa, I love it! In fact, I love that the 3 oldest members got the spotlight here (since they’re my favourites). The MV is nice and Risa has some aww moments, so yay. 😀 (The end of the first chorus, hmm.)
Ranrarun ~Anata ni muchuu~: Ahh, this song is the cutest CG song so far! It’s so lovely! The dresses are also adorable, I’d like to cosplay them all! xD And the best part, the MV (embed down here)! It’s so entertaining I can’t believe it’s made by H!P. (Okay, they’re developing recently, so I’m not complaining or anything.) The girls’ comedy talent shows here very well and they – as always – also nail cuteness. This group is just the best.

Boogie Woogie Boogie Woogie LOVE!

flaggb Ok, I just have to fangirl somewhere. Country Girls’ Boogie Woogie LOVE MV came out recently and I’m fangirling so much that’s crazy. XD It’s perfect. I think every fan was waiting for this ’50’s style MV and it came out so well, omg! The background fits so well the song that my English is too limited to express it. XD (Well, I think my Hungarian is also… XD) I love the setting, I love the lyrics, I love the song, I love the dresses, I especially love the dance (just wait for Dance shot coming out… I’ll learn it asap XD). Sorry for fangirling too much. The senpai members are just as awesome as they were before and the new girls (Nanami and Musubu) fit in so well.

My favourite part is probably Risa‘s solo line in the 2nd verse. She’s really going for the sexy character and it fits her so well! (Lol, both of my kamioshis are the sexy type. The other being Fukuchan.) This tumblr gif shows almost all of this glorious moment (also a bit of Manakan and Momochi, my other CG oshis):


By the way, I also preordered this awesomeness, in Regular A version, of course. I hope so much I’ll get Risa! (Or finally just not Chisaki again. XD I got her card with the previous 2 singles. I like her but not so much as others.) Here’s the cover:


The (hopefully) posters aren’t annonunced yet but I’m super excited. I really got into bonus posters recently. 😀