Most people probably doesn’t now, but aside of being a H!P trash I’m also a Detective Conan trash. And today I was spoiling a liiiitle bit for myself (I’m at Ch.913 and this is Ch.1004) but OHMYGOD SHIRNAN IS FINALLY OFFICIAL GODYISSSSSSSS. I’m seriously fangirling right now. They’re just too cute. And now they’re going out. Finally. I’m happy now. (Sorta. Their relationship obviously still needs development, but omg this was a huuuuge step. I’m a happy little fangirl now. This necktie pulling I’m dying.)



New manga


Íme a mostanában beszerzett mangáim! ^^ Mindegyik másodkézből van, kivéve a Honey and Clover 3. kötetét! Nagyon jó áron jutottam hozzájuk! (A Fushigi Yuugiból a hármat egy áráért kaptam.) Azt hiszem, el kell kezdenem olvasni! ^^

These are my recently got mangas! ^^ All of them are secondhand, except Honey and Clover Vol.3! Got all of them at a pretty decent price! (Actually the 3 Fushigi Yuugis cost the price of one.) I must start reading now! ^^

こちらは私の最近手に入れた漫画です!^^ ハチミツとクローバー除いて全部セカンドハンドです。値段もよかったと思います。(じつは一つの漫画の値段にかわって三つ買えたんです。) 読み始まると思います。