Best of 2016 Vol.3

And here are my top 10 favourite Hello! Project songs this year. Also, I wanted to include every group at least once. I may differ from my list posted on H!O, because things changed a bit since I wrote that one. (Click on the pictures for the MVs.)

10. Tsubaki Factory: Kedakaku Sakihokore!
I liked this Tsubaki song the best. I also love their outfits in the MV, they are beautiful! *-*

9. ANGERME: Tsugitsugi zokuzoku (changed from Ai no tame)
It’s one of Meimei’s graduation songs and I loved it very much. Also like the solo parts of Meimei and Ayacho. And the MV is sooo cool! *-*

8. Buono!: Rock no Seichi
I think, this will be the last Buono! release ever. Sorashido ~Nee nee~ is a nice song and all, but Rock no Seichi is awesomeness. It has that ultimate Buono! vibe, plus I love the fact that it’s the answer song of Rock no kamisama. So many feels… :’)

7. Kobushi Factory: Sakura Night Fever
Kobushi had nice songs this year, but none surpassed Sakura Night Fever. It’s a great song, with lovely lyrics and such a beautiful MV! (I know it’s a cover song but still.) Kobushi pulled off this one well!

6. NEXT YOU (Juice=Juice): Otona no jijou
This song is so underrated! I liked J=J’s dorama and this song matches with it so perfectly!

5. °C-ute: Mugen Climax (could also be Jinsei wa STEP!, both are awesome)
This song is out of ordinary, the MV has this cool kinda vampire vibe, and the girls look stunning! I love how the members’ names are hidden in the lyrics!

4. Juice=Juice: Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~
This song has that summery feeling I love really much and it was on loop since the SHORT radio rip came out! The MV is kinda so-so to me, because I love the flower petals scenes, but the dance is weird and they could have chosen a better background, I think. Still a great song!

3. Morning Musume ’16: Mukidashi de mukiatte
Mukidashi is so awesomeeeeeeee! The MV is simple but great and cool and omg, it’s the best! I’ll write more of this single when my CD FINALLY arrives. I love everything about this song!

2. Morning Musume ’16: Utakata Saturday Night!
This is the best Momusu song in a while! It’s fun, it’s happy and funky and I can listen to it pretty much anytime! I think my boyfriend got sick of it, I listened to this song sooo many times! 😀

1. Country Girls: Boogie Woogie LOVE
THIS IS MY JAM. I was listening to it nonstop, when the radio rip came out, and my love for it didn’t change. This is seriously the best.


Kobushi Factory 3rd single covers

flaggb Kobushi Factory’s 3rd single’s (Samba! Kobushi Janeiro / Bacchikoi Seishun! / Ora wa Ninkimono) covers are out! My favourite, which I plan to order later is this, the Regular A version (Rena looks like she has a slice of lime on her head. I love it. :D):


The rest are here. I’m not a huge fan of the limited Samba! Kobushi Janeiro cover. I really like the limited Bacchikoi Seishun, and the regular one is also cute, but the photoshop work is a bit irritating if you start to pay attention. The Ora wa ninkimono ones are cute, have some retro comics feeling and I find them creative. 🙂

I can’t order it right now, because I can’t afford anything for a while. But this time, I don’t “need” a poster or whatever external bonus it will get. What if it will be huge as the latest Momusu one? XD I don’t have place on my walls (neither on my wardrobe doors, since MM’16 occupied it). 😀 Really, I don’t feel wanting a poster now, since I already have one. I’m only after the bonus trading photo, and with some luck, I can still get that later if they won’t run out of the first press.
And now, my ridiculous first world problem: I have 1000+ points on CDJapan, which means I only need to pay for the shipping if I order a single. But… this August, Buono! will hold a concert in Nippon Budoukan. I’m in desperate hope that they’ll release a single out of nowhere. Since I’m on a budget, I’d like to use my points for buying my most favourite and Buono! is above Kobushi on my list. So, for now, Kobushi has to wait. And if Buono won’t release a thing, I can still get the Magnolia girls. 😀 (Wait, what. Does anyone call them this way? I just did, but ok. XD)

Kobushi Factory’s 2nd single

flaggb I’ve also got (earlier than the CG one) Kobushi Factory’s 2nd single, Sakura Night Fever / Chotto Guchoku ni! Chototsu Moushin / Osu! Kobushi Tamashii. This is my first CD from them and I also plan to get their major debut single.


To be honest, I don’t like this release now as much as I liked it when I ordered it. I don’t regret getting it, though. This is my first Kobushi Factory CD and I got Hamachan, my favourite in the group! I was pretty happy when I saw her photo! ^-^
In the end, I like the cover as well, it turned out nice. I keep telling myself that Minamina has strange face on the Sakura Night Fever one (which I kinda regretted earlier not to get), so this was a better choice. (I didn’t like the Osu! Kobushi Tamashii one at all.)
And the poster:


I like it, it’s cute, it’s got sakura petals on it and all, but…. HOW ON EARTH BECAME HAMACHAN SO BIG? It looks really odd. XD

The songs and MVs:
Sakura Night Fever: This song is my hands down favourite one in this release. The outfits have very spring feel to them, the song is catchy, the MV is beautiful and Tagucchi being the sakura tree is hilarious. XD I also like Reirei‘s kimono scene. I listen to this song very often, since it’s spring. What else would you listen to? :3
Chotto Guchoku ni! Chototsu Moushin: This is a song that I listen to when I’m feeling like it, but didn’t grow on me enough to include on my usual playlists. It has some catchy parts (mainly the chorus for me), but I don’t like when Hamachan and Reirei crack their voices. The dresses are cute, you can’t make a mistake easily with black and white outfits. The MV is your usual H!P MV, but I really like the triangle chair scenes and the moments when the girls break through that wall of boxes; that’s pretty cool.
Osu! Kobushi Tamashii: I could copy-paste the first sentence of the previous song, so imagine it being here. The outfits… ohmygosh… I get the concept, but ohmygosh. I don’t really like them. x’D That panther(?) pattern… Not to mention that the not all the colors work with this costume imo. Minamina‘s, Tagucchi‘s and Renako‘s are okay with me, but the others are kinda strange. But the MV! It works so well! The girls did a great job, it’s too much fun to watch! I don’t even know what to highlight, it has so many great moments. You should check it yourself to see! 😉


flaggb I’d also like to post when I preorder something, this is the first post in the topic! ^^
Kobushi Factory 2nd single [Regular B]
Sakura Night Fever / Chotto Guchoku ni! Chototsu Moushin / Osu! Kobushi Tamashii





Actually, I’m a little bit disappointed, because I was rushing too much. ^^” I preordered this when only a little thumbnail was available of the covers and I found the Sakura Night Fever one (which is my favourite song from this release btw) a bit boring, so I decided to go with this one, since I don’t like Osu! Kobushi Tamashii’s outfits. (I was too afraid that if I waited a few more days the preorder would sold out on CDJapan.) And the next day the bigger versions were released and I found out that SNF’s cover is actually pretty nice. :’D (Except Minamina’s face. That shot isn’t the best of that otherwise pretty girl.) Well, it can’t be helped now and at least the poster will be SNF. 😀 Now I only hope that I get the card of one of my 4 favourite members. (Hamachan, Renako, Reirei or Ayapan)