Hello! Station

flaggb I’ll write some of today’s Hello! Station. To be honest, I don’t watch the whole videos for a while, just the main parts if I’m interested in them. (Sounds pretty snobish and non-fan, right? x’D)
So, this time I was waiting so much for Kobushi’s Sakura Night Fever MV and IT WASN’T REVEALED! T^T They’re teasing us! I wonder when can I finally see it, since the single will be released exactly a week later from now.

Zukki’s announcement
We already knew it, but it’s always sad to see a member of my favourite group go. Well, that’s what Morning Musume is about. I think she’s chosen a wonderful job for herself in the future, so go girl, I’ll support you! ^^ Zukki is also a member of my precious 9kis, so I’ll miss her.
Then about the recording of the announcement: Maybe it was cut out, but the audience was completely silent when she said she would graduate. I felt it was something rude to do, since fans always go “Eeeeh-?!” when a girl announces a thing like this.
Tsumetai kaze to kataomoi (Morning Musume ’16)
It felt a bit funny in these outfits tbh. But Fukuchan got so many solos, omg! I know it’s because Sakura was ill (get well soon~), but I was impressed she got to sing so much. I love her voice. ^^ Also noticed the little Haachin solo.

Dondengaeshi (ANGERME)
Wow, Kamiko improved so much! We could watch some of the new 9nin Anju’s performances and she was so out of place (probably due to nervousness), but now, wow! I was impressed! She even got a solo! Seemed pretty okay, so now I’m excited to see her in her 1st single! Looks like she got in good terms with Murotan (btw Muro’s hair was so cute!). And Ayacho is so pretty with this shorter hair! ^^ (Though I’ve already seen it in photos.)