Hello! Pro Tap Live Chronicles 9

flaggb I haven’t gotten too much cards recently, because I didn’t play last week’s event. I’d have loved to get that Ayumi card, but I know I don’t have a chance in point ranking events, so didn’t bother to play at all. BUT THIS WEEK! *_* You can get a beautiful Fukuchan card from the point gacha, and I’ll do my very best to get her! *_* I’ll write if I succeed. Anyways, here are my latest card gets:

Kanatomo, Eripon and Nakky are from the Tanabata event, Akanechin and Fukuchan are from the recent. I love the Kanatomo card; it’s so beautiful! AND HOLY CRAP, IT’S A FUKUCHAN PHOTOCARD! *___________* I’m the happiest Fukuwota now.


Hello! Pro Tap Live Chronicles 8

flaggb I haven’t really played H!P Tap Live recently… I had exams and I wasn’t really interested in the events either. Today is the day I’m back! o0o I really like the events where you just play and the cards and avatar dresses and starstone fragments fall on you. XD The current event is like this, so I have the mood to play. ^^ Also like the score multiplier. 😀 But! I noticed that I still have “new” cards I haven’t posted, so here they are:

Hello! Pro Tap Live Chronicles 7

flaggb I don’t really like the current events, tbh. The only one I would have liked was the one where I could have gotten the ENDLESS SKY version of Fukuchan, but of course, the gacha wasn’t too generous to me… -___-” Also, they released a Boogie Woogie Love avatar costume, I’m using that since then, because it’s awesome! *o* (They mixed my 3 favourite girls’ costumes, so I’m pretty satisfied. :D) Despite of having not so fascinating (at least for me, they aren’t) events, I’ve gotten a fair amount of cards since the last Hello! Pro Tap Live Chronicles post, so let’s see them (I have more since, but I’ll post them in the next H!PTL Chronicle XD):

The highlights go to the cards shown in bigger: Kiss me Aishiteru Maimi, Tabidachi no haru ga kita Kana (even though I don’t really like Kana, this card is just beautiful), umbrella Aari (she’s gorgeous!), Ima sugu tobikomu yuuki and Ai no gundan Sakura, concert outfit Niinu, Oh my wish! Zukki and Tsugitsugi zokuzoku Meimei! I like them very much! ^^

Hello! Pro Tap Live Chronicles 6

flaggb It’s been a while I did this corner again. I got a bunch of cards since then, but my biggest achievement is that I got the new Wakatteiru no ni gomenne Risa! :3 Yaaaaaaaaay~~~~~~


The other cards are below. I also got an SSR Risa (2nd in the gallery), but the above one is much more precious to me somehow. :3 Got two of the new Chisa card (1st in the gallery), which is pretty nicely drawn, I like it! ^^ Her earlier cards were ugly imo… :/ (Example: the 7th picture in the gallery.) I was so happy about the kimono Meimei! She will graduate very soon which means these are the last moments when we could get cards of her and I liked this card from the beginning, so I was delighted when she popped up in the gacha. Also got a cute Tagucchi, a Kono machi Airi, a Crazy kanzen na otona Maimai and an Otome no gyakushuu Rikako. The two remaining cards completed my Tsubaki Factory R collection with Ogata Risa, and my Country Girls Satoyama-sweater R collection with Chii-chan. (Though I desparately NEED an Uta-chan. And I won’t get her. EVER. T______T)

Hello! Pro Tap Live Chronicles 5

flaggb It’s been a while I did this corner. XD The past two events weren’t too successful to me; I missed a Fukuchan again. -_- But at least I got a nice Murotan card and a bunch of older ones I didn’t have! I think I like Yukanyan the most. These:

And about the current event… I’m not very interested in this one. I have many boost cards this time, but… I don’t really care? XD I like Chisa, but she’s my least favourite in °C-ute, so I’m not too interested in getting her cards. (And poor girl, most of them are so awfully drawn imo. :/) And also, Kana. Kana again. Why? XD (Not to mention I got her card again. If only I was her fan! x’D At least it’s very nicely drawn.) But the point gacha was dear to me, because I could get some R cards I couldn’t get no matter how hard I tried. x’D Got Aari (she was the only one missing from Juice=Juice) and almost completed my Kobushi and Tsubaki cards as well! I’m missing only Ayapan from Kobushi and Risamaru from Tsubaki. I hope I can get them until the end of the event. >< So here are my newest cards: