Meimei collection addition~

flaggb I got the chance to get Tamura Meimi’s Graduation Memorial photobook, so I decided to grab one! Used my CDJapan points to make it cheaper, and I’m happy it’s mine now!


It’s very thin, but a nice addition to any Meimei fan’s collection! ^^ It’s got two sessions, a kimono one and a retro red outfit one. Also got a memorial page with the 2ki now and then, and other S/mileage and ANGERME photos of her. These are my favourite pages:

If you have a chance to get it, don’t hesitate! ^^


Dear Manakan


flaggb It’s been a rollercoaster of feelings to be a H!P fan recently. Now it’s the “down” part. It was announced back in spring that Inaba Manaka will be on hiatus from Country Girls due to asthma. And this week, the news hit us: she has graduated from the group. Here are the official announcements, I’ll just write my feelings about it.
I’ve really liked Manaka, she was in my top 3 Country Girls members. She’s cute, has a nice voice and her dancing is amazing. It was a pleasure to see her perform, because you could easily tell how much she enjoys being an idol. I also loved how she interacted with others. I’m so disappointed it ended like this! 😦 She seems to be still in some kind of contract with the agency (she’s on Up-Front’s Talent page), so maybe there’s hope to see her again, but it just won’t be the same. And Country Girls also won’t be the same without her. I’m just sad to see a girl with such a big dream go. I’m really sad. 😦 I’m waiting for your return, Manakan, but first things first: get well! ♥


Suzuki Kanon graduation

flaggb I don’t think I could call myself a fan if I don’t write about a graduation happening in my favourite group. Yes (actually: NOOOOO~~~ T_T), the graduations continue with Suzuki Kanon‘s, who’s leaving Morning Musume ’16.

I begin this post also with a video, showing Zukki’s singles she participated in. Part 1:

Part 2:

Unlike Meimi’s case, I don’t have any physical collection items of Zukki, but I do have a small Hello! Pro Tap Live card collection of her as well. My favourite is the kimono one, but the Oh my wish! version is also really nice. ^^

Kanon graduation

I won’t be able to watch the concert live, since I won’t be home. (Also, it’s uncertain if there would be any stream.) If I could catch any info, videos and so on, I’ll post my feelings here. I’m sure I’ll be crying. I always cry when a graduation gets emotional. ^^”
Update: I really wasn’t home, so I could only see short clips on Twitter and a bunch of pictures so far. And I was sobbing. Zukki was like a little princess in her graduation dress. She was beautiful! :’) I hope I can watch this concert as soon as possible…


To be honest, I’ve never called Zukki my favourite member. But I like her really much. She was a part of my precious 9ki members, who caught my attention. They were the reason I started following Morning Musume, they were the first generation I witnessed joining. And though only one of them made it to my favourite members, the four girls are all very special to me. Zukki was outstanding from the very start. She had that lovely personality, she was funny and she was always smiling. She didn’t care about her body type, instead of it, she made it the part of her character – and I think she gave many idol fangirls a kind of inspiration. She proved that a chubby girl can also be a fantastic idol. She was really hardworking and she never forgot to smile. I think, this is the most powerful aspect of her and I’m happy she chose a dream job where she can help people with her bright smile. Recently, I was reading interviews and it became clear, that she and Riho were very close. Zukki said that Riho made an impact on her, so started thinking about her future and that’s why she decided to graduate. I think their friendship is so nice. I hope Zukki will find herself in the field she has chosen (social welfare). I respect her for it very much, because this is not an easy job to do. Be happy, and keep your smile, Zukki! 🙂


Tamura Meimi graduation [UPDATED]

flaggb I decided to cry in this post about my 2nd favourite ANGERME member, Tamura Meimi leaving. I’ll update it as time goes by.

First, I found a video which includes Meimi’s solo lines in their PVs:

I didn’t think earlier, but I think I’ll show my very-very little Meimei collection (with very low quality images… T_T I’ll update it on Wednesday, when I get to them). I have two 2Ls in her Tachiagirl costume, I have a H!P 2015 Winter concert one (L size), and her last birthday edition (also L size). (Ohh, the non-exsisting quality of my photos… T_T) UPDATED.
Meimei collection 1
Meimei collection 2

I think I’ll also include my Hello! Pro Tap Live Meimi card collection. Since I don’t have any starstones left to pull from the Meimi gacha, I think I won’t get any more. (They’ll take out her cards from the game pretty fast.) I have the N and the R, 3 SRs, an SSR and an SSRkai. I wanted more, she has some very well-drawn cards… ;_____;

Meimei graduation

GUYS I WASN’T HOME UNTIL KOUSATEN. ;____; I can only listen to an audio stream a Japanese guy does. ;__; I’m dying to see it, but I can’t. ;___; I’m even crying during Nana korobi ya oki. ;__;
Found a low-quality stream, but it’s still better than nothing. Now we’re waiting for the encore. I was crying like a baby during Sukichan. I mean, SUKICHAN. Meimei~~~~~ ;__;
Budoukan is flowing with purple… ;____;
It’s over, she graduated. Take care, Meimei! 🙂
I could finally watch the whole concert. On one hand, it was awesome! The setlist was reeeeeeally great and the girls did SOOOOO WELL! They were awesome!
On the other hand, it was so sad. 😥 I was totally okay until Jojou Kumikyoku “Smile Fantasy!”, but then Takechan started crying and it was over for me. ;__; That was a beautiful song and also highlighted Meimi’s musical skills. After that, they sang Kousaten, and I was still crying. After that, I kept being a little sad. Also shed tears during Sukichan, Jitensha chiririn (it was Meimei’s graduation solo), their speeches… basically during the whole ending section. I’m still sad that one of my favourite members left, but this is what rotating groups are about. I hope we can see this little diva again on stage! :’)

Magazine, Tamura Meimi-482093

Meimei joined along the 2ki members back in 2011. I was a H!P fan barely for a year. I usually don’t like girls without bangs (I know it’s stupid), but I thought she’s one of the few girls who can pull off that look. That’s how she caught my attention. I kept noticing her in the upcoming PVs since she was so cute and cheerful. I don’t know when, but she became my favourite 2ki member. I like how she’s a diva and goofy at the same time. She has an entertaining personality and a great voice. She’s become more mature during the years and was a good senpai for the 3ki and 4ki. I was really sad when she announced her graduation, but I thought the path she chose really fits her. She’s a little diva and I hope she can fulfill her dream. Best wishes, Meimi and thank you for everything!

Tamura Meimi-492248