Most people probably doesn’t now, but aside of being a H!P trash I’m also a Detective Conan trash. And today I was spoiling a liiiitle bit for myself (I’m at Ch.913 and this is Ch.1004) but OHMYGOD SHIRNAN IS FINALLY OFFICIAL GODYISSSSSSSS. I’m seriously fangirling right now. They’re just too cute. And now they’re going out. Finally. I’m happy now. (Sorta. Their relationship obviously still needs development, but omg this was a huuuuge step. I’m a happy little fangirl now. This necktie pulling I’m dying.)



Meimei collection addition~

flaggb I got the chance to get Tamura Meimi’s Graduation Memorial photobook, so I decided to grab one! Used my CDJapan points to make it cheaper, and I’m happy it’s mine now!


It’s very thin, but a nice addition to any Meimei fan’s collection! ^^ It’s got two sessions, a kimono one and a retro red outfit one. Also got a memorial page with the 2ki now and then, and other S/mileage and ANGERME photos of her. These are my favourite pages:

If you have a chance to get it, don’t hesitate! ^^

Morning Musume ’16 62nd single

flaggb I finaaaaaaaally got my hands on my copy of Morning Musume ’16‘s 62nd single, Sexy cat no enzetsu / Mukidashi de mukiatte / Sou ja nai. We can say I’m very pleased! :3


First, the cover: it’s a bit boring (too many white covers lately…), but this was the best out of the three regular versions, imo. I like its style, tho and love my favourite cat girls in the center. :3 As for the trading card, I couldn’t be happier! ♥ I decided to collect all my favourite girls’ Sexy cat version trading cards, but I couldn’t even dreamt of getting Fukuchan first! I’m sooooo luckyyyyy~~~ (And a happy little wota! :D) About the postcard: it’s simple, but I kinda like it. Maybe it’s the best of the choices they had for different shops. I’m just sad they stopped giving posters as a bonus. 😦 Let’s move to the songs and MVs:

Sexy cat no enzetsu: To be honest, I didn’t like the song first. I even kinda cringed because of the cat moves in the MV. Then something happened and I came to LOVE it! Its MV is in my top 3 most watched Momusu MVs! I like how the three cat girls make a mess and involve the other girls in making a bigger mess! xD (But I dislike Miki’s hair sooo much! ToT She’s a beautiful girl, why give her always that unflattering side ponytail? T-T (I don’t like this hairstlye on anyone.)) The lyrics are also motivated me lately! 🙂 The highlight besides of the cat girls goes to Ayumi and Eripon, they’re both stunning in this video!
Mukidashi de mukiatte: This is my favourite song from this release, and my favourite MM’16 song next to Utakata Saturday Night! It’s just pure awesomeness to me, I like the simple, but well-edited MV (embed below), the dance, the outfits, Miki getting a massive solo line, etc. I’ll probably listen to it even years from now.
Sou ja nai: This is my least favourite from this single. At first, I didn’t like it AT ALL. Not even listened to it (only a few times), until I got my CD the other day and played it in my CD player. I think I won’t ever understand the hype over this song, but I certainly start to like it. Maybe I’ll listen to it more from now on. As for the MV: I like the girls’ outfits and hairstyle. The usual plain white dresses, but at least they look gorgeous in them. I don’t like the loooong opening scene (simply because I find it too long), and don’t really get the concept, but oh well. It’s catchy and the lyrics may be inspirational to teenage girls. I think it would have hit me when I was in those ages, but maybe I’m too old for it now. xD

Best of 2016 Vol.3

And here are my top 10 favourite Hello! Project songs this year. Also, I wanted to include every group at least once. I may differ from my list posted on H!O, because things changed a bit since I wrote that one. (Click on the pictures for the MVs.)

10. Tsubaki Factory: Kedakaku Sakihokore!
I liked this Tsubaki song the best. I also love their outfits in the MV, they are beautiful! *-*

9. ANGERME: Tsugitsugi zokuzoku (changed from Ai no tame)
It’s one of Meimei’s graduation songs and I loved it very much. Also like the solo parts of Meimei and Ayacho. And the MV is sooo cool! *-*

8. Buono!: Rock no Seichi
I think, this will be the last Buono! release ever. Sorashido ~Nee nee~ is a nice song and all, but Rock no Seichi is awesomeness. It has that ultimate Buono! vibe, plus I love the fact that it’s the answer song of Rock no kamisama. So many feels… :’)

7. Kobushi Factory: Sakura Night Fever
Kobushi had nice songs this year, but none surpassed Sakura Night Fever. It’s a great song, with lovely lyrics and such a beautiful MV! (I know it’s a cover song but still.) Kobushi pulled off this one well!

6. NEXT YOU (Juice=Juice): Otona no jijou
This song is so underrated! I liked J=J’s dorama and this song matches with it so perfectly!

5. °C-ute: Mugen Climax (could also be Jinsei wa STEP!, both are awesome)
This song is out of ordinary, the MV has this cool kinda vampire vibe, and the girls look stunning! I love how the members’ names are hidden in the lyrics!

4. Juice=Juice: Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~
This song has that summery feeling I love really much and it was on loop since the SHORT radio rip came out! The MV is kinda so-so to me, because I love the flower petals scenes, but the dance is weird and they could have chosen a better background, I think. Still a great song!

3. Morning Musume ’16: Mukidashi de mukiatte
Mukidashi is so awesomeeeeeeee! The MV is simple but great and cool and omg, it’s the best! I’ll write more of this single when my CD FINALLY arrives. I love everything about this song!

2. Morning Musume ’16: Utakata Saturday Night!
This is the best Momusu song in a while! It’s fun, it’s happy and funky and I can listen to it pretty much anytime! I think my boyfriend got sick of it, I listened to this song sooo many times! 😀

1. Country Girls: Boogie Woogie LOVE
THIS IS MY JAM. I was listening to it nonstop, when the radio rip came out, and my love for it didn’t change. This is seriously the best.

Best of 2016 Vol.2

flaggb Here’s the continuation of my H!O ranking for this year:

Best Idol Group: Country Girls
I like Country Girls’ chemistry the best, and this isthe best working and most entertaining group to me. I really hope they’ll keep their charm without Momo.

Best Newcomer: Onoda Saori (Tsubaki Factory)
There weren’t many new members (announced) this year, and she’s the one I’m most interested in. ^^

Best Singer: Tamura Meimi (ANGERME, graduated)
This is the last year I can vote for her, and I think she’s become a very talented singer.

Best Dancer: Ishida Ayumi (Morning Musume ’16)
She’s the Dancing Queen to me. (Even though I loved the graduated Manakan’s dancing as well.)

Best Performer: Murota Mizuki (ANGERME)
I think I liked her performance the best this year, not only in concerts, but also in their MVs.