Morning Musume ’16 62nd single

flaggb I finaaaaaaaally got my hands on my copy of Morning Musume ’16‘s 62nd single, Sexy cat no enzetsu / Mukidashi de mukiatte / Sou ja nai. We can say I’m very pleased! :3


First, the cover: it’s a bit boring (too many white covers lately…), but this was the best out of the three regular versions, imo. I like its style, tho and love my favourite cat girls in the center. :3 As for the trading card, I couldn’t be happier! ♥ I decided to collect all my favourite girls’ Sexy cat version trading cards, but I couldn’t even dreamt of getting Fukuchan first! I’m sooooo luckyyyyy~~~ (And a happy little wota! :D) About the postcard: it’s simple, but I kinda like it. Maybe it’s the best of the choices they had for different shops. I’m just sad they stopped giving posters as a bonus. 😦 Let’s move to the songs and MVs:

Sexy cat no enzetsu: To be honest, I didn’t like the song first. I even kinda cringed because of the cat moves in the MV. Then something happened and I came to LOVE it! Its MV is in my top 3 most watched Momusu MVs! I like how the three cat girls make a mess and involve the other girls in making a bigger mess! xD (But I dislike Miki’s hair sooo much! ToT She’s a beautiful girl, why give her always that unflattering side ponytail? T-T (I don’t like this hairstlye on anyone.)) The lyrics are also motivated me lately! 🙂 The highlight besides of the cat girls goes to Ayumi and Eripon, they’re both stunning in this video!
Mukidashi de mukiatte: This is my favourite song from this release, and my favourite MM’16 song next to Utakata Saturday Night! It’s just pure awesomeness to me, I like the simple, but well-edited MV (embed below), the dance, the outfits, Miki getting a massive solo line, etc. I’ll probably listen to it even years from now.
Sou ja nai: This is my least favourite from this single. At first, I didn’t like it AT ALL. Not even listened to it (only a few times), until I got my CD the other day and played it in my CD player. I think I won’t ever understand the hype over this song, but I certainly start to like it. Maybe I’ll listen to it more from now on. As for the MV: I like the girls’ outfits and hairstyle. The usual plain white dresses, but at least they look gorgeous in them. I don’t like the loooong opening scene (simply because I find it too long), and don’t really get the concept, but oh well. It’s catchy and the lyrics may be inspirational to teenage girls. I think it would have hit me when I was in those ages, but maybe I’m too old for it now. xD


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