Country Girls’ 4th single

flaggb Well, it’s been a while I’ve written here. I was busy with school in the one hand, and in the other hand, I didn’t got anything new to write about. Well, I got some things, but… ahh, it’s just bad time management. XD For now, I’d like to write about Country Girls’ 4 th single, Dou datte ii no/Namida no request.


This is what I got. I didn’t like Regular A’s cover (it’s the exact same as the postcard), but Regular B’s was kinda cute, so I decided to order that. And for a postcard, the Regular A pattern works pretty well, I like it very much! ^^ As for the trading card: I wanted a twintail Risachan sooo badly! T^T Or a Momochi. But well, Nanamin is also cute.
The songs:
Dou datte ii no: It’s not as awesome as Boogie Woogie LOVE (no song will surpass it), but I like it very-very much. It’s fun and makes me happy everytime I listen to it. Also a good song to wake up to (after the alarm clock, of course xD)! The MV (embed below) is also cute, I love this continuous retro vibe, Country Girls can pull off it well. My favourite part is at the bridge, when Momochi-senpai’s head is on the drum. XD And the dresses! Sooooo cute, omg! I want to cosplay as Risa! Also, the red shoes and buttons…. ;__; I’m certain it’s for Manakan, as the daisies were for Utachan. (If they’ll have any pink on their dresses after Momochi graduates, these theories will be pretty much confirmed.)
Namida no request: I’m sure everyone knows that it’s a cover song and I think it turned out well. I like how the older members (basically my favourites) get more spotlight. The song itself is good, but definitely not one of my favourites. The MV is creative and cute, I like these types of stuff! ^__^ Also thumbs up for Nanamin playing the sax! 🙂


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