Kobushi Factory 3rd single covers

flaggb Kobushi Factory’s 3rd single’s (Samba! Kobushi Janeiro / Bacchikoi Seishun! / Ora wa Ninkimono) covers are out! My favourite, which I plan to order later is this, the Regular A version (Rena looks like she has a slice of lime on her head. I love it. :D):


The rest are here. I’m not a huge fan of the limited Samba! Kobushi Janeiro cover. I really like the limited Bacchikoi Seishun, and the regular one is also cute, but the photoshop work is a bit irritating if you start to pay attention. The Ora wa ninkimono ones are cute, have some retro comics feeling and I find them creative. 🙂

I can’t order it right now, because I can’t afford anything for a while. But this time, I don’t “need” a poster or whatever external bonus it will get. What if it will be huge as the latest Momusu one? XD I don’t have place on my walls (neither on my wardrobe doors, since MM’16 occupied it). 😀 Really, I don’t feel wanting a poster now, since I already have one. I’m only after the bonus trading photo, and with some luck, I can still get that later if they won’t run out of the first press.
And now, my ridiculous first world problem: I have 1000+ points on CDJapan, which means I only need to pay for the shipping if I order a single. But… this August, Buono! will hold a concert in Nippon Budoukan. I’m in desperate hope that they’ll release a single out of nowhere. Since I’m on a budget, I’d like to use my points for buying my most favourite and Buono! is above Kobushi on my list. So, for now, Kobushi has to wait. And if Buono won’t release a thing, I can still get the Magnolia girls. 😀 (Wait, what. Does anyone call them this way? I just did, but ok. XD)


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