[Fanrage] People, where did you put your eyes?

flaggb Okay, this post will be ridiculous, but I have to do my fanrage somewhere. ^^” There’s a H!P best looking member competition somewhere on the internet, and I can’t believe how people don’t find my favourites good-looking. (Or if not about my favourites, after a point, people seem ALWAYS disagree with me.) The battles so far:

Tsugunaga Momoko vs. Suzuki Airi: Airi won. I like both of them and find both of them cute, so okay with me.
Kudou Haruka vs. Sasaki Rikako: Duu won. Pretty much the same case with me like Momo vs. Airi.
Satou Masaki vs. Tamura Meimi: Maachan won. I think none of them is particularly good-looking, but I find Meimei way cuter and ofc she’s one of my favourites.
Makino Maria vs. Hamaura Ayano: Maria won. Hamachan is prettier! T.T But I think Maria is also cute, so I can totally deal with it.
Oda Sakura vs. Ogawa Rena: Sakura won. I like both, both are cute, so I’d have been okay wiht either of them winning.
Michishige Sayumi vs. Tanaka Reina: Sayu won. I think Sayu is prettier so ok.
Natsuyaki Miyabi vs. Ishida Ayumi: Ayumi won. Again, the I-like-both-of-them case.
Fukumura Mizuki vs. Goto Maki: Maki won. That was the point where I lost all my interest in this game. I know, this is just a stupid fanrage, but why and how? -__-
Kumai Yurina vs. Iikubo Haruna: Haruna won. Like both.
Fukuda Kanon vs. Sayashi Riho: Riho won. Well, um… whatever, I don’t bother anymore. (to be fair: I thik Maro’s prettier than Riho, though Riho’s also cute.)
Sugaya Risako vs. Matsuura Aya: Aya won. I’m not interested in either of the girls, sorry. ^^”
Nakanishi Kana vs. Aikawa Maho: Kana won. I think they’re the last on the list of good looking ANGERME members. The have their good points, but looks, for me, aren’t one of them.
Yanagawa Nanami vs. Tanimoto Ami: Nanamin won. I like Ami better, but I can totally see the cute points of Nanamin.
Ikuta Erina vs. Yamaki Risa: Eripon won. Now, this was really the lowest point for me. None of my oshis are liked by people. I seriously don’t care of the outcome anymore. People simply don’t like the girls I like. I’m a sad raging fangirl. (What a shame. x’D)
Ogata Haruna vs. Inoue Rei: Haruna won. Seriously, do I need to say any more?

Please, don’t misunderstand me. I like all of H!P, because they’re hands down the best idols. It just makes me sad that people don’t seem to appreciate such cute girls. I had to fanrage somewhere. It’s my blog after all, isn’t it? (I know, I seem to take it too seriously, but I’m not.)

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the cuteness/prettiness of the ones who lost (not all of them, only the battles where my favourites lost against my non-favourites):


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