Suzuki Kanon graduation

flaggb I don’t think I could call myself a fan if I don’t write about a graduation happening in my favourite group. Yes (actually: NOOOOO~~~ T_T), the graduations continue with Suzuki Kanon‘s, who’s leaving Morning Musume ’16.

I begin this post also with a video, showing Zukki’s singles she participated in. Part 1:

Part 2:

Unlike Meimi’s case, I don’t have any physical collection items of Zukki, but I do have a small Hello! Pro Tap Live card collection of her as well. My favourite is the kimono one, but the Oh my wish! version is also really nice. ^^

Kanon graduation

I won’t be able to watch the concert live, since I won’t be home. (Also, it’s uncertain if there would be any stream.) If I could catch any info, videos and so on, I’ll post my feelings here. I’m sure I’ll be crying. I always cry when a graduation gets emotional. ^^”
Update: I really wasn’t home, so I could only see short clips on Twitter and a bunch of pictures so far. And I was sobbing. Zukki was like a little princess in her graduation dress. She was beautiful! :’) I hope I can watch this concert as soon as possible…


To be honest, I’ve never called Zukki my favourite member. But I like her really much. She was a part of my precious 9ki members, who caught my attention. They were the reason I started following Morning Musume, they were the first generation I witnessed joining. And though only one of them made it to my favourite members, the four girls are all very special to me. Zukki was outstanding from the very start. She had that lovely personality, she was funny and she was always smiling. She didn’t care about her body type, instead of it, she made it the part of her character – and I think she gave many idol fangirls a kind of inspiration. She proved that a chubby girl can also be a fantastic idol. She was really hardworking and she never forgot to smile. I think, this is the most powerful aspect of her and I’m happy she chose a dream job where she can help people with her bright smile. Recently, I was reading interviews and it became clear, that she and Riho were very close. Zukki said that Riho made an impact on her, so started thinking about her future and that’s why she decided to graduate. I think their friendship is so nice. I hope Zukki will find herself in the field she has chosen (social welfare). I respect her for it very much, because this is not an easy job to do. Be happy, and keep your smile, Zukki! 🙂



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