Morning Musume ’16 61st single


flaggb Morning Musume ’16’s latest single was also a preorder for me. They arrived on the same day, as ANGERME’s 21st, to be exact, 2 hours before. XD The postman was holding a huge, long box. Wth, are they sending together my CDs? No way, they were separate orders. I comfirmed when seeing the bill that it was only the Momusu one. Opened it, found the CD and the poster tube. Why is it so huge? Maybe they rolled up on its longer side? Anyways, let’s see who I got in the trading card! As you can see, I got the group picture. I was a liiitle bit disappointed, since I like getting solo cards better, but this way I got all the girls and they’re smiling in the picture, unlike in their solo ones. And at least I got everyone…! Wait… 1, 2, 3,…11???! WHERE IS ZUKKI?????!!!!!! WTF H!P/UFA/whoever is responsible for this?! Who thought it’s a good idea to NOT INCLUDE THE GRADUATING GIRL in the group picture? And she’s in the other two group versions, why they left out her from this one? Does anybody have a good reason for it?! Please, tell me… -.- (Despite of this huge fail, the card is very nice, the girls all look so pretty in it! ^^) I’ve already written of the “struggles” (#firstworldproblem) of choosing the cover here, so I won’t speak about it now. Just a thing, that I like it in person as well, and the disco-touch on the seemingly white background was a nice thing to do. ^^ Let’s move on to the poster! I thought I’ll get the usual “other stores” A3-size poster, as advertised earlier on the official H!P site. This one:
But oh my god, when I started rolling the poster out…


Can you see the CD next to it??! I mean it’s HUGE! And AWESOME! *0* I’m soooooooooo happy I got this one instead of the other one! That was also nice, but again! In the A3 one, the girls are serious (trying to be cool) and Fukuchan has kinda derp face, but this is such a happy song! And all of them are smiling in this picture! I don’t even care that they just threw their profile pictures together, since it came out so-so-so well! I asked my bofriend, who he finds the prettiest (since they’re all so cute here), and he picked Harunan, Fukuchan and Ayumi! Well, I was happy. 😀 (And I even told him he doesn’t have to say Fukuchan, since he knows how a huge fan I am. XD) I didn’t have an idea, where to put this enormous poster, but finally I found a place for it on my wardrobe’s door.

Let’s move to the songs and the PVs:
Utakata Saturday Night!: This was the last song we were introduced, but no wonder they were hiding it for such a long time, because it’s so great! It’s hands down the best song of this release. So catchy, so upbeat, so happy and so Zukki! I love how they paid special attention to her in the song (her solos and monologue) and also in the PV. Speaking of it: I love DJ Zukki, I love the countdown (and those who think 48 isn’t shown because of AKB: maybe, but 48 does flash up for a short time, so… well, who knows…), I love the “EEEEH?!” of the 12ki, the backwards running Harunan at the beginning, the never-ending background solo shots, the dance… Pretty much everything. Definitely check it out, you’ll love it!
The Vision: This song was very meh for me at the beginning. I think it’s not good that Fukuchan doesn’t sing in a song that fits her voice so much (not being butthurt, she gets a fair amount of solos anyways), but this is how they made it. Recently, the song is starting to grow on me, and I also found out that this is for the 12ki. Except for the chorus parts, where Sakura and Maachan sing the solos, the 12ki are the only ones to get lines. I like how they could feel that this is their song. 🙂 The PV has a really nice feel to it. The elegant surroundings fit the song well and the dance, especially the dance team (Fukuchan, Eripon, Ayumi) choreography is beautiful! Not their best PV ever, but it’s nice.
Tokyo to iu katasumi: This is your usual current Momusu song. If I’d have to say like or dislike, I’d definitely say like, it’s just that this is not my favourite MM song ever. Still, I like to listen to it, my favourite parts are probably Mizuki and Ayumi’s “crazy beat” in the background. ^^ The PV wasn’t so fascinating when seeing the preview. But in the full version, they have those fast-changing shots of the girls singing and dancing, and I think that’s pretty cool and fits the song well. Nice addition to the othervise plain PV. You should check for yourself, anyways.


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