ANGERME 21st single


flaggb Meimei is graduating!! TT______TT I made a rule for myself in CD buying, since I can’t afford all the H!P awesomeness. I only buy CDs that Fukuchan sings on (basically all MM stuff, though I’m missing some earlier releases), Country Girls CDs, Kobushi Factory CDs and Buono!, if they’ll ever release anything again. (These are my favourite groups.) The only exceptions are the graduating singles of my favourites (that’s why I have Berryz’s last single as well). I like many girls in ANGERME, and my 2nd favourite is Tamura Meimi. And she’s graduating in a few days! ;__; I knew I’d buy this release, so I preordered their 21st single through CDJapan. I got a postcard, which is really nice, it’s already on my wall. ^^ It’s a shame that some groups have postcards instead of posters, but well, I’m happy I got a bonus with my CD. For the photocard, I was hoping to get Meimei for obvious reasons, but as you can see, I got Murotan. I’m still happy with her, since she’s also among my favourites. ^^ (But now I must get a Meimi card from elsewhere, since I can’t get any of her in the future releases. I’m collecting trading cards of my favourite girls.) As for the covers, I think this is the most awesome from the regular editions; I didn’t have to think at all, which one to get. 😀

The songs:
Tsugitsugi zokuzoku: OHMYGAAAAWD, this is pure awesomeness! *0* I loved this song since the beginning, I’ve listened to it many times on loop; we could say that this is my favourite song from the single. My favourite part is the one Meimi highlighted in an iterview: “Kawaritsuzukerareru you na yuuki (The courage to keep changing, sung by Meimi, who is graduating to reach out to her dream) Kawaranu mama soko ni aru shinri (The truth, being there, unchanged, sung by Ayaka, the leader who is there from the beginning)”. The PV is also very cool, I like the lights, the rap parts, the slow-motion, the dance, everything.
Itoshima Distance: Also a very catchy, nice song. I like how they use Hakata dialect (spoken in Fukuoka) for it, I think, it makes Itoshima Distance a little special. But the PV, OMG… what the exact heck are these cotumes? It looks cute on some girls (Ayacho, Murotan, Kamiko, imo), but WHAT IS THAT HAT ON MAHO???! At least I like the dance overall, especially tha walking part at the beginning. All in all, I’d rather listen to it than watch the PV. x’D
Koi nara tokku ni hajimatteru: This song is so cool! I heard that people don’t like this song so much, but why? I can’t really understand, because I think it came out very well. I can’t help but scream “Kakoiiiiii!” inside when Meimi begins the song with her monolouge. I really like that though she didn’t got a solo song (well, I kinda wasn’t expecting one after Riho’s case; they’ve been too short in H!P for getting a graduation song – and this wasn’t a butthurt comment), she did get a fair amount of attention in her last single. The PV also has a nice moment at the end, when Meimei leans on Ayacho’s shoulder – I almost shed a tear, it was so touching for me! :’) I guess I’ll write again after the graduation, I’ll have some thoughts. I hope they’ll sing Kousaten, it’s a perfect farewell song.


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