Hello! Pro Tap Live Chronicles 6

flaggb It’s been a while I did this corner again. I got a bunch of cards since then, but my biggest achievement is that I got the new Wakatteiru no ni gomenne Risa! :3 Yaaaaaaaaay~~~~~~


The other cards are below. I also got an SSR Risa (2nd in the gallery), but the above one is much more precious to me somehow. :3 Got two of the new Chisa card (1st in the gallery), which is pretty nicely drawn, I like it! ^^ Her earlier cards were ugly imo… :/ (Example: the 7th picture in the gallery.) I was so happy about the kimono Meimei! She will graduate very soon which means these are the last moments when we could get cards of her and I liked this card from the beginning, so I was delighted when she popped up in the gacha. Also got a cute Tagucchi, a Kono machi Airi, a Crazy kanzen na otona Maimai and an Otome no gyakushuu Rikako. The two remaining cards completed my Tsubaki Factory R collection with Ogata Risa, and my Country Girls Satoyama-sweater R collection with Chii-chan. (Though I desparately NEED an Uta-chan. And I won’t get her. EVER. T______T)


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