Country Girls’ 3rd single

flaggb I’ve recently got Country Girls’ 3rd single, which I’ve already written about several times.

× collection 20160326

This is my copy of the CD, the trading photo and the bonus poster! I was hoping to get Risa, Manakan or Momochi, but in the end it wasn’t bad to get the group picture either. (It’s my first time to get a group picture as a single bonus.) But I still would have preferred a solo photo. XD (I’m collecting single bonus photos of my favourite members. As for Country Girls, I only got Risa so far, and even that photo was a gift from my friend. x’D I have no luck with CG cards. XD)
As for the poster, I’m very satisfied with it, though I thought it will be boring, when I saw the thumbnail. Oh, I was so wrong! The girls are really cute and it’s not plain white, they gave it some nice frame. Aaaahh, so cute~~~~
The cover of the CD is perfect. So cool, so retro, so awesome! And for the songs:
Boogie Woogie LOVE: I’ve written pretty much in this blog about it, so I’m just leaving one word here: AWESOMENESS. I still think this song will be my No.1 H!P song for 2016 (and it’s in my top 3 all time favourite H!P songs for sure). Link to the MV, because you must listen to it. :3
Koi wa magnet: Soooooo much Risa, I love it! In fact, I love that the 3 oldest members got the spotlight here (since they’re my favourites). The MV is nice and Risa has some aww moments, so yay. 😀 (The end of the first chorus, hmm.)
Ranrarun ~Anata ni muchuu~: Ahh, this song is the cutest CG song so far! It’s so lovely! The dresses are also adorable, I’d like to cosplay them all! xD And the best part, the MV (embed down here)! It’s so entertaining I can’t believe it’s made by H!P. (Okay, they’re developing recently, so I’m not complaining or anything.) The girls’ comedy talent shows here very well and they – as always – also nail cuteness. This group is just the best.


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