Hello! Pro Tap Live Chronicles 5

flaggb It’s been a while I did this corner. XD The past two events weren’t too successful to me; I missed a Fukuchan again. -_- But at least I got a nice Murotan card and a bunch of older ones I didn’t have! I think I like Yukanyan the most. These:

And about the current event… I’m not very interested in this one. I have many boost cards this time, but… I don’t really care? XD I like Chisa, but she’s my least favourite in °C-ute, so I’m not too interested in getting her cards. (And poor girl, most of them are so awfully drawn imo. :/) And also, Kana. Kana again. Why? XD (Not to mention I got her card again. If only I was her fan! x’D At least it’s very nicely drawn.) But the point gacha was dear to me, because I could get some R cards I couldn’t get no matter how hard I tried. x’D Got Aari (she was the only one missing from Juice=Juice) and almost completed my Kobushi and Tsubaki cards as well! I’m missing only Ayapan from Kobushi and Risamaru from Tsubaki. I hope I can get them until the end of the event. >< So here are my newest cards:


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