Boogie Woogie Boogie Woogie LOVE!

flaggb Ok, I just have to fangirl somewhere. Country Girls’ Boogie Woogie LOVE MV came out recently and I’m fangirling so much that’s crazy. XD It’s perfect. I think every fan was waiting for this ’50’s style MV and it came out so well, omg! The background fits so well the song that my English is too limited to express it. XD (Well, I think my Hungarian is also… XD) I love the setting, I love the lyrics, I love the song, I love the dresses, I especially love the dance (just wait for Dance shot coming out… I’ll learn it asap XD). Sorry for fangirling too much. The senpai members are just as awesome as they were before and the new girls (Nanami and Musubu) fit in so well.

My favourite part is probably Risa‘s solo line in the 2nd verse. She’s really going for the sexy character and it fits her so well! (Lol, both of my kamioshis are the sexy type. The other being Fukuchan.) This tumblr gif shows almost all of this glorious moment (also a bit of Manakan and Momochi, my other CG oshis):


By the way, I also preordered this awesomeness, in Regular A version, of course. I hope so much I’ll get Risa! (Or finally just not Chisaki again. XD I got her card with the previous 2 singles. I like her but not so much as others.) Here’s the cover:


The (hopefully) posters aren’t annonunced yet but I’m super excited. I really got into bonus posters recently. 😀


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